Career Opportunities

Career Opportunities

Employers from four innovative and caring professional sectors are looking for young talents to work together to develop human-centric services and professions. Apply now to commence your journey as a caring professional:

Creativity for Good

Arts and creative work have proven to be a powerful medium of engagement. The social element in them become more important than ever in today’s fast-changing world. To keep up with societal demands, the arts and creative sector is in need of newcomers who are agile, humanistic, and cross-disciplinary to create new possibilities for social innovation. Bringing together passionate youth from diverse backgrounds, the programme will help them explore new career pathways with the goal to achieve purposeful and creativity-led aspirations.

Creative Researcher

  • Helps creative and art organisations understand the needs of their audience and users to strengthen connections and inclusivity with the wider community
  • Contributes to the local creativity sector’s development and helps organisations stay ahead of times by researching on industry trends

Community Arts Mediator

  • Supports organisations’ formulation and execution of community arts projects through collaboration with partners in other sectors
  • Promotes the development of artistic interventions and happenings to facilitate cross-sector dialogue and inclusive art-making

Placemaking Coordinator

  • Supports creative organisations to use space as a resource to elevate artistic experiences and as a medium for collaborative placemaking
  • Catalyses the shaping of public spaces through creative processes to bring new energy into local neighbourhoods

Transmedia Content Creator

  • Assists the production and adaptation of creative work to be showcased, communicated, and consumed via different platforms
  • Enhances accessibility and social inclusion by broadening access to creative work by a wide spectrum of audiences and facilitating cross-pollination of knowledge and ideas that transcends human boundaries

Associate Artist in Early Childhood Education

  • Strengthens kindergartens and nurseries’ provision of diversified education and development for children at a young age
  • Promotes children’s development in language and creative arts and helps enhance the curriculum of arts education in early-age schools

Hiring Organisations

Employers have defined each job role’s duties and corresponding values, attitudes, skills and knowledge (VASK), and are looking for graduates who will grow best in these roles. Please read the detailed job descriptions when consider applying (download here)